Friday, March 12, 2010

What Crazy Sounds Like

Mom and Gavin
(Not fighting over the Statue of Liberty)

          So last night as usual Gavin was building his Statue Of Liberty. But unlike usual it kept falling down. for any of you who knows him this is something that he does not take lightly. So from the living room every five or so minutes I hear a crash followed by a yell of frustration. Being human I can only take so much of this pattern.  I eventually go in and try to help. Gavin being Gavin has a very particular vision, and my help was only making his frustration worse. So I told him that we were all done with the blocks and they needed to be put away. He went nuts! Next thing I know he is hitting me in a fit of rage for taking down his beloved broken statue.
          Hitting is not something that is accepted in this house so  I drag the reluctant screaming child up stairs. At this point I am yelling and he is crying hysterically. I am trying to get him to stay in his bed for a much needed time out/cool down time. (My sister is on her phone in her bedroom an easy earshot away). Of course Gav wont stay in bed so my yelling turns into screaming, and him being scared of the dark is crying, "I'm scared"
         Needless to say who ever my sister was on the phone with probably thought the worst. Imaging hearing a crazed mom screaming, and a crying child sobbing, "I'm scared!" over and over.

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