Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The never ending question: Who hit who first?

So natuarally boys fight, especially brothers! The biggest problem is when they start their fight out of sight. Tonight I had a very small moment of peace when Jude was happily playing with out me having to be right by his side, and I had sent Gavin and Aiden upsatairs to play so that I could start dinner with out them under toe. I don't think it was quiet longer than 10 mins. when they both came running down the stairs hysterically crying and babbling. There was something about a broken boat, a hurt thumb, a hurt head and both are pointing to the other saying, "he did it first!" (meanwhile dinner is burning!)

So now I am sitting on the stairs half coddling and half questioning while being covered in snot and tears trying to get to the bottom of what actually happened. The conclusion is still unclear. Something about a stolen lego, a ship that resembled the titanic got stomped on, and then there was an all out slap fight. So how do you make this all better? I told them to kiss and make up. I kissed the boo-boos and in a moment of pure fustration and knowing that dinner was ruined I told them that all legos would go in the trash if they fought over them again.


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