Thursday, April 1, 2010

There Are No Secrets!

Today when I came home from work I went outside to hang with my boys, (wow what a beautiful day it was!) Ben went inside to get ready for work.  Aiden who is just so cute sitting in his chair eating a fudge popcicle says out of no ware, "dad got you a ring!" he smiles ear to ear and while shoving the popicicle in his mouth he mumbles, "it is a circle, with round diamons, it is in his pocket!" So like any crazed jewelry loving woman I ran inside and started fishing in Bens pockets. Ben asked me what I was looking for. I told him what Aiden said. He assured me there were no diamonds and it was no longer in his pocket, and I couldn't have it until Sat. (my 25th birthday) :(

I feel that the most comical part of this whole scenario is that Ben actually thought a 5 year old could keep a secret! (hehehehehe silly dad!)

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